Sunday Mornings at 9:15 AM EDT

Sunday Services

Sunday mornings we gather under a 120x80 Tent, with our online Church family, for worship and Sunday Sermon by Pastors Melvin Whittington and Paul Begley. Join us for Church where ever you are, whenever you are..... and come as you are.
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Wed Evenings at 7 pm EDT


The name of this program was derived from "getting ready for the return of Christ Jesus our Lord". The "news" is so hard to keep track of, and more, keep track of these days. So, we we use a Biblical lens and do it for you bringing a Christian News Commentary show called GETTING READY.
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2nd & 4th Thurs at 7 EDT

Getting Ready Financially

Host David Gee discusses with guests, the implications of "We're living in the End TImes" on our finances. David, as a successful entrepreneur, investor and Christian, brings valuable insight into how we respond to these questions and more.
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The Team


Dr. Paul Begley

Lead Pastor

Melvin and Liliana Whittington

FFCTV Administration

Kristin Hall

Music Minister

Pastor Israel Hall

Video Production and IT

Rick Heid


Keith McManus